Which Is The Idea Behind This Site?

Finding Myself Inside Me is a blog owned and written by me, Emilie F. Yaakaar. The site started running in September 2014 as part of The Witxina Project, together with three other sites. In September 2016, following the dismiss of the Witxina Project (including the closure of the other three sites) and a shift in my writing’s motives (due to personal growth and new socio-political circumstances), Finding Myself Inside Me was shut down for renovation and rebranding. It was relaunched with a new direction at the end of October 2016.

Since then it has had six main categories that reflect my mind and life, including Literary ArtSelf-Care CornerMiscellaneous LifestyleOpinion EssaysPersonal Journal and Contemplative Reflections. While a detailed description of the blog’s ambitions could be given, exploring it and keeping up to date with it are the easier ways to understand its purpose. However, to (at least try to) comprehend the idea behind this site, below there is a reflective poem called ‘Autobiography’.

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Everything starts somewhere
Sometimes not at the beginning
But halfway through it
Picking up the unread
Starting to learn
And to unlearn
To become oblivious
And to become wise



img_20161019_200736One day, the time comes
Design, plan and write down
Reflect on existent intellects
Get inspired by their vision
Commence a new vision
Shape a new intellect





Broken mind
Fragile heart
Happiness was the only desire
Peace is the only desire
Storm after storm
The inner light switched off
Rather drown in apathy
Than being burnt by venom



img_20161021_194619Yet, it isn’t easy
Identity politics cause unrest
Lack of rights turn into lack of rest
Support the revolution
Scheme the liberation
Not in the streets
Nor in the sheets
Wellbeing is the assigned key



img_20161023_103927Active passiveness, never an option
Fake passiveness, the only choice
The mind is active
When the body is inactive
The body is active
When the mind is inactive
Life was traded for survival
With a wish for revival



img_20161023_233256Constancy is crucial
It is often claimed
Still, change happens every day
Because new problems emerge every day
Affecting a free-minded soul
A caged soul
Fluid enough to leave its cage
And to return to it as well



img_20161024_214848Theories like freedom
Realities like oppression
Leave the power only in words
Hope and despair
Quietness and ingenuousness
Hard-work and relaxation
That’s who you are now
Creatively and introspectively
It is time to find yourself in you


‘Autobiography’ is a reflective poem that was written by Emilie F. Yaakaar.

Graphics of ‘Autobiography’, together with Emilie F. Yaakaar’s logo, name’s calligraphy and findingmyselfinsideme.com‘s background were drawn and designed by @neko_chibi_chan, preceded and followed by arrangements made by Emilie F. Yaakaar.

All Rights Reserved © 2016





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