Where Else Can You Find Me?

I’m present in the following social networks and sites:

  • Twitter [@Bitxina] (I spend most of my time there!)
  • Facebook (I use it for general updates!)
  • Curious Cat [@Bitxina] (You can ask me anything !)
  • Instagram [@BitxiBitxina] (I post daily pictures and videos!)
  • Google + (I’m involved in some communities!)
  • Youtube (I have playlists and I may upload a video one day!)
  • Tumblr [bitxina] (I use it quite a lot to fangirl and other stuff!):
  • Flickr [Bitxina] (I post pictures whenever I do something interesting such as travelling or volunteering):
  • Goodreads [Bitxina] (I love reading fiction and non-fiction works)

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A creative and introspective blog by Emilie F. Yaakaar