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CRCC Asia Internship in Shenzhen: Part 3. Projects, Gains and Departure

(If you haven’t, check the first and second part of my latest blog series ‘CRCC Internship in China’ before reading this one)

My internship at SZOIL dominated my stay in China. The shifts were Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 17:30, with some voluntary extra time and a couple of weekend activities. I had very nice colleagues, not just my fellow CRCC interns, but the whole team working at SZOIL, from the regular Chinese staff members, to three other student interns from China, Nepal and Sri Lanka. While each of us worked on our own projects, we often lent a hand to each other, or had a break from one and did something different for a while (which is how I ended doing the variety of tasks mentioned below). Moreover, one of SZOIL’s regular workers, whom supervised my work for the GHL, taught us how to use some of the machines in the lab. I only used the laser engraver and cutter, as 3D printing required designing and that’s something I’m awful at.

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The Importance of Kindness and Emotions [WATCH]

Humans we tend to be selfish and do things only when we get something out of it. Why? Because we always want profit and materialistic rewards. What is the meaning of helping? What is the meaning of giving? What is the point of being good to others? What is the point of lending a hand without receiving anything back? If you have ever asked yourself that questions, please check the following video. If you have never asked yourself that questions, check it too. Your perspective on life might change after it.

#‎TeamvGo‬ My Team v Leader Journal: Part 4 “The Hunger Challenge

Here goes my first vlog ever! “‪#‎TeamvGo‬ My Team v Leader Journal: Part 4 “The Hunger Challenge”” is a vlog made for my personal blog (this one),http://findingmyselfinsideme.wordpres.… I did it to narrate a part of my experience as a Team v Leader, a volunteering role I have recently started for the charity vInspired. In this video, I talk about food poverty, food banks and my experience carrying out The Hunger Challenge. Watch it below!