#COP24 & #COY14 in Katowice: Part 3. Radically Meaningful? Unnecessarily Complex

In hindsight, I think I was initially worried about my trip to Poland for the wrong reasons. I was concerned about passport control at the airport, about checking into the Airbnb, about getting around the city, about encountering prejudice, about being lonely during COY... And I didn't think enough about the main purpose of my… Continue reading #COP24 & #COY14 in Katowice: Part 3. Radically Meaningful? Unnecessarily Complex

natural /ˈnatʃ(ə)r(ə)l/

Yesterday I went to London to spend the day with my family. At first, I was planning to wear one of my very regular outfits which I like because it completely hides my body figure. Due to health and personal issues, I have gained a lot of weight during the last year and I'm apprehensive of being around my family while looking like this. However, while getting ready on the morning, I spotted a crop top and a pair of culotte pants I had recently bought. I looked outside, and it was sunny. Perfect day to wear that clothing combination. So, why not?

Nationality, Ethnicity, Heritage & Me

2017 is being an intense year for the Western world, marked by the rise of nationalist movements. Anyone with a basic understanding of fascism, xenophobia and white supremacy would have probably seen this coming in the last few years. When politicians across the spectrum use migrants as a basketball ball to score points, when challenging… Continue reading Nationality, Ethnicity, Heritage & Me

#TeamVGo My Team v Leader Journal: Part 3: My Visit To Southend YMCA

Last Tuesday I made a visit to Southend YMCA, for the current Team v campaign, “Beyond a Tin of Food”. Southend YMCA is a charity that works in Southend, Essex, to help homeless young people. Apart from providing with housing, they also offer other type of support, such as food aid. Due to this, I… Continue reading #TeamVGo My Team v Leader Journal: Part 3: My Visit To Southend YMCA