Song Lyrics: Angel or Devil

"VERSE 1 Being a good girl An expectation out of nowhere Trying to avoid conflict Is mistaken for kindness and goodwill   Silence might seem compliance But it hosts the deepest rancour Waiting to explode like a timebomb Disguised with a smile and a nod   PRE-CHORUS Everyone has their limit Reaching mine has me… Continue reading Song Lyrics: Angel or Devil

Song Lyrics: Faith in Fallacy

"VERSE 1 Read more sad endings today I wonder if we will be next All our steps are clumsy We barely evade our prophecy Living day to day That’s so short-sighted they claim Yet, what’s the point in planning Will there ever be a new dawning? The almighty and their pseudo care Shaming what they… Continue reading Song Lyrics: Faith in Fallacy

Ignorance Is Innate But Keeping It Is A Choice

In the past couple of days  I have seen an enormous amount of  xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist comments on the Internet, from people like politicians trying to push their agendas, to teenagers with too much free time and no knowledge of history and geography. Normally I get angry and argue with people, trying to prove and… Continue reading Ignorance Is Innate But Keeping It Is A Choice

#CharlieHebdo: The Thin Line Between Freedom of Speech & Discrimination

Freedom of speech has always been a tricky issue for me, as the word “freedom” itself is too. Without doubt, it is a right that every person should have. But I have always believed that my freedom ends where the freedom of others starts. And I apply this to freedom of speech too. You are… Continue reading #CharlieHebdo: The Thin Line Between Freedom of Speech & Discrimination

Find Yourself Before Finding Anything Else

Every year in the day of my birthday I choose a song to guide me during the next year. For instance, my 17th song was “17” by Avril Lavigne, because I was hoping to have a year full of friends, constant party, an active social life and excellent memories to remember one day when I… Continue reading Find Yourself Before Finding Anything Else