Still In Colour

“I remember back when sought pride was in being small, soft and pretty like a strawberry, the sweetest though just outwardly. Such a facade if I may be candid, my heart wasn’t in being eye candy, I was too wayward to be Her Majesty. Wasted so much time learning tricks to temper my soul, encodeContinue reading “Still In Colour”

Beauty, Appearance, Cosmetics & Me

“She tried to remind herself that beauty was only skin deep, but that didn’t offer any helpful excuses when she was berating herself for never knowing what to say to people. There was nothing more depressing than an ugly girl with no personality. […] Deep inside, she knew who she was, and that person wasContinue reading “Beauty, Appearance, Cosmetics & Me”

Year Abroad in Rabat Part 3. My Rigid & Structured Self

I’m a person who struggles with change. In particular, the change whose outcome I can’t predict or foresee. It frustrates me a lot not knowing where I’m going, or what I’m doing with enough time to plan and prepare ahead. I’m an excessively structured person, very task-oriented. I’m all about rules, lists, agendas and schedules.Continue reading “Year Abroad in Rabat Part 3. My Rigid & Structured Self”

Poem: In Memoriam

“There is so much I want to say So much I want to tell Yet, my cords just fail And in tears, they fade away Should have seen it coming There were actually warnings Downplayed till the mourning Already foresee the numbness of homecoming As, home isn’t the place, sought in vain Till going insane,Continue reading “Poem: In Memoriam”

Latent at the Cinema

“Apathy… Apathy. Apathy is so deadly. It is a phase and component of depression and depressive phases that many people overlook. You don’t feel awful. But, you don’t feel good. You just don’t feel anything. And… I think that’s terrifying. Because when you don’t feel anything, nothing matters. And when nothing matters, you care less.Continue reading “Latent at the Cinema”