Still In Colour

“I remember back when sought pride was in being small, soft and pretty like a strawberry, the sweetest though just outwardly. Such a facade if I may be candid, my heart wasn’t in being eye candy, I was too wayward to be Her Majesty. Wasted so much time learning tricks to temper my soul, encodeContinue reading “Still In Colour”

Bittersweet, Eager & Apprehensive

When I look back to 2018, from beginning to end, I feel conflicted. There is as much good as bad. As much growth as failure. As much happiness as sorrow. I won’t lie, I’m not ending the year in the best note, even if it started amazingly (I was having a great time in Senegal!).Continue reading “Bittersweet, Eager & Apprehensive”

My Six Golden Commands For Prose Writing Beginners

1) Creativity is your key to success. You need a vivid and active mind full of imagination to think of an idea and to develop it. Sometimes, it is not about how well you write a story: it is not about high vocabulary and perfect sentences. Sometimes it is about an attention grabbing plot thatContinue reading “My Six Golden Commands For Prose Writing Beginners”

My Top 10 Writing Tips

I feel like helping others today, so I’m going to share my top 10 writing tips. These are my own tips that I follow whenever I’m writing, and as I said, they are just tips. You may agree or disagree with them, and you are free to follow or ignore them: Even if tedious, proofread:Continue reading “My Top 10 Writing Tips”