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Hippy & Chic with a Natural Finish

Yesterday I went to London to spend the day with my family. At first, I was planning to wear one of my very regular outfits which I like because it completely hides my body figure. Due to health and personal issues, I have gained a lot of weight during the last year and I’m apprehensive of being around my family while looking like this. However, while getting ready on the morning, I spotted a crop top and a pair of culotte pants I had recently bought. I looked outside, and it was sunny. Perfect day to wear that clothing combination. So, why not?

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appreciation /əpriːʃɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n/

“Recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.”


When I picked up my camera yesterday, my idea was doing a photo shoot to showcase my outfit under the fashion category of the blog. I liked how the black jumper and the black skirt combined with my messy braids in a bun. I also decided to take pictures of my face and head, even though I wasn’t wearing make-up or anything especial: I wanted to show my hairstyle better. Unfortunately, the light in my room didn’t show enough appreciation to my clothes. When I saw the first body pictures I took , I was disappointed. I didn’t look stylish enough and the resolution of the pictures was low. However, as soon as I saw the pictures of my face, I fell in love with them. It wasn’t because I thought I looked beautiful, but because I looked raw with a hint of gloominess. I really liked how natural and simple they were. I didn’t even want to add a filter to them or retouch them. I truly appreciated the darkness under my eyelids. The brownness of my skin. The unevenness of my tone. The wildness of my eyebrows. The fullness of my lips. The blackness of my iris. The roundness of my nose. The messiness of my hair. All these features, some of which I have hated and tried to get rid of intensely, made my self-portraits look artistic. Happy by this discovery, I went back to my body pictures and forced myself to like them. I rarely ever take side pictures of my body because I’m overweight and my belly isn’t flat. I like my body shape (curvy) but I don’t like the weight/mass, due to health complications and the difficulty of finding clothing. In spite of this, I ended up liking the body pictures. They even made me appreciate my body more. All this appreciation made me feel good.

Photoset by Emilie F. Yaakaar. All Rights Reserved © 2016

PS: Here is a slideshow with outtakes that didn’t make the final photoset because they didn’t fit the theme or were repetitive, though were good shots.

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Vintage, Old Fashioned, With An “Antique” Touch

A month ago my cousin’s first communion took place and I really like how I looked for the event, so this post is just a group of pictures of my make-up, my hair and my dress for the day (allow me to be vain now and then, sorry!). Here they go:




Three selfies showing my make up. I was wearing a very small amount of liquid foundation from the brand “Sleek”, black eye mascara from the brand “Benefit Cosmetics” and a pink lipstick from the brand MAC, known as “Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick” (this is the most make up I have ever worn and I was very excited because I had never used lipstick before, due to fear of looking like a clown. Surprisingly, it went well and I adored how I looked!)





Four pictures of my whole look. I was wearing a cream colour lace dress with cream colour ballerinas, both items bought in TK Maxx. My hair was just my natural afro put upright with a few pins. And I wore a traditional jewelry set made of pearls & metal.



To end the post, I have these two pictures: just me, nature and flowers aesthetics!

Overall, my look was quite vintage, old fashioned, with an “antique” touch. And I loved it.

Showing off a bit,

Emilie H. Featherington

Not Tomorrow, Today

I love taking pictures. If you know me personally, you have probably realised of this. Whenever I go to a new place, I need to carry my camera. Whenever I’m living an epic moment, I need to take out my phone and shoot it. Whenever I’m having great time with someone, I need to take a photo of us having fun. I suppose people will link this behaviour to the digital era and the current “bragging generation”. When I say “bragging generation, I’m talking about people who use social media to portray their lives as perfect and successful through photos. I don’t have an issue with this behaviour. But normally I don’t take pictures to brag in Instagram or to show off in Facebook. Or better said: the pictures that matter most to me rarely reach the Internet.

So, why do I take those pictures? Well, I take those pictures to immortalise the present. Time is a funny measurement. We basically created it. Humans we decided when an hour is an hour, when a year is a year. We control time. And time controls us. However when comes to the past, present and future, we always care a lot about our history and our destination. But we never care about the journey. We spend more time thinking about what we did wrong years ago than thinking about what we are currently doing wrong. We rather spend hours planning our perfect futures rather than making sure we currently live happy. We always look behind and forward. And we forget that life is not short, nevertheless it is not infinite. Nothing matters more than the present. Nothing. We can’t change the past: we can just learn from it. We can’t control the future: we can just hope and walk towards what we want.

Due to all this, photos are to me a friendly reminder that nothing is forever and once I didn’t value the present enough. Because one day you are happy and smiling, the next one you can’t stop crying. One day you are friends with someone, the next one you don’t talk to them anymore. One day you are in party having fun, the next one you are isolated from the social world. One day you feel pretty and confidence, the next one your self-esteem drops to the level of the floor. The saying “you never appreciate something till you lose it” is so true. Back in 2011, I took many things for granted. Mainly my friends and my social life. Then I moved and lost contact with many. Now, I spent most of my weekends alone and at home. Sometimes, I go through the old pictures of my laptop and I remember the good times. And even if that photos make me feel sad, they are not only a remainder that I was once happy, or they don’t just give me hope for a better future: that photos motivate me to work to make friends not tomorrow, today.

So yeah, this is why I like photos. And before finishing, I must say that I also love how pictures can capture emotions, feelings and sensations. A simple smile shows happiness. Tears shows sadness. A red face shows embarrassment. A hug shows tenderness. A kiss shows love. I find this quite fascinating. And when I’m in the picture, it is weird going back and thinking about how I felt when the photo was taken. And how different I feel now. Or how similar. Images are one of my favourite inventions.

Sharing a short personal reflection I wanted to let out,

Emilie H. Featherington J