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Hippy & Chic with a Natural Finish

Yesterday I went to London to spend the day with my family. At first, I was planning to wear one of my very regular outfits which I like because it completely hides my body figure. Due to health and personal issues, I have gained a lot of weight during the last year and I’m apprehensive of being around my family while looking like this. However, while getting ready on the morning, I spotted a crop top and a pair of culotte pants I had recently bought. I looked outside, and it was sunny. Perfect day to wear that clothing combination. So, why not?

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Red, Headscarf & Long Patterned Skirt for a Day Out in London

Yesterday I went to London to meet a friend for the first time. To celebrate the special occasion, I wore a new hairstyle, I sported a new skirt and I put on some make-up. It was a nice look, so I wanted to dedicate a post to it.


Make-up for the day: red lipstick from The Body Shop and They’re Real eye mascara from Benefit cosmetics (I think I have officially left foundation behind, that’s why the traces of summer breakouts are visible in my face).

Polaroid SNAP

Polaroid SNAP

Polaroid SNAP

Polaroid SNAP

Clothing: black strappy top from H&M, black cardigan from H&M, long patterned skirt from a traditional shop in Palestine, black tights from H&M and brown brogues from  Impressionz at Amazon UK.

Polaroid SNAPPolaroid SNAPPolaroid SNAP

Hair: I wore a plain black headscarf tied in a way that the upper part of my hair was still visible. The headscarf is from Turkey, but I bought it in a street market in Palestine.

Accessories: I was wearing a necklace I bought in a shop whilst in Palestine. It reminded me of African jewelry, so that’s why I got it. In addition, I carried with me a brown bag from H&M. And finally, I was wearing two bracelets (one with an owl bead and one made of shells), both of which I have owned for a while.