Poem: To Those Who Dare Approach Her

“Please take care of my rose With little to no love She grew from ashes and rotten soil Ready to surmount the world   Please take care of my rose Such a selfless force Always there for you through the worst Her grace is not deserved by most   Please take care of my roseContinue reading “Poem: To Those Who Dare Approach Her”

Poem: In Memoriam

“There is so much I want to say So much I want to tell Yet, my cords just fail And in tears, they fade away Should have seen it coming There were actually warnings Downplayed till the mourning Already foresee the numbness of homecoming As, home isn’t the place, sought in vain Till going insane,Continue reading “Poem: In Memoriam”

Extract from a Letter to an Old Friend

“[…] Oh Happiness, I miss you. I haven’t seen you since 2012. Every day it feels like if I am sleepwalking into Death, I want her to be my new best friend. My current friend is Apathy, which might be even more dangerous than Death. She makes me act like a ghost lost in theContinue reading “Extract from a Letter to an Old Friend”

My Gold Writers: The Brontë Sisters

I’m going to talk about three of my favourite writers. Known as “the eldest Brontë sisters that survived to adulthood” Charlotte, Emily and Anne were three important writers of the XIX century in the English Literature. This article dives into their lives and their works, alone or together. Also includes a discussion about which ofContinue reading “My Gold Writers: The Brontë Sisters”