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Hippy & Chic with a Natural Finish

Yesterday I went to London to spend the day with my family. At first, I was planning to wear one of my very regular outfits which I like because it completely hides my body figure. Due to health and personal issues, I have gained a lot of weight during the last year and I’m apprehensive of being around my family while looking like this. However, while getting ready on the morning, I spotted a crop top and a pair of culotte pants I had recently bought. I looked outside, and it was sunny. Perfect day to wear that clothing combination. So, why not?

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Black, Pink & Mustard With Retro Influence!

Two weeks ago I went on a lunch date with one of my best friends in university. I liked the outfit I wore, it was simple but nice. So, here is a post dedicated to it!

I didn’t wear a lot of make-up, just eye mascara (Benefit Cosmetics) and a lip taint home mixture made of a pinkish lip balm (Natural Collection) and a pink sparkly lipstick (Lush). Apart from on my eyelashes, I also applied a bit of the eye mascara in my eyebrows and used wet cotton to blur it. It was the first time I ever “experimented” with make-up (both for my lips and brows), and I was quite happy with the results. The make-up matched wonderfully my accessories, a colourful sparkly necklace (bought in a shop in Singapore) and a pair of long small-bead earrings (People Tree). I was very pleased with how I looked. I’m mainly glad that my facial skin looked pretty well without anything added to it, other than moisturizer!

My main piece of clothing was a mustard tube dress (New Look), which I wore with black tights (H&M) and a pair of long black faux suede boots (Amazon UK). I loved how the dress looked on me, though it didn’t hide my chubbiness and even made me appear bigger than I am (still, it made me look extra cute in the last picture!).

Finally, here is the full outfit. Wore a long black coat (H&M) and a big black bag (H&M) with a black beret (Amazon UK). This is probably one of my favourite casual outfits to date, it is simple but stylish, with a touch of retro style.

To end this post, here are casual pictures of me in my university campus after coming back from the lunch date. If you enjoyed this post, please like it and leave your comments below, also share it if you wish!