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Hippy & Chic with a Natural Finish

Yesterday I went to London to spend the day with my family. At first, I was planning to wear one of my very regular outfits which I like because it completely hides my body figure. Due to health and personal issues, I have gained a lot of weight during the last year and I’m apprehensive of being around my family while looking like this. However, while getting ready on the morning, I spotted a crop top and a pair of culotte pants I had recently bought. I looked outside, and it was sunny. Perfect day to wear that clothing combination. So, why not?

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Vintage, Old Fashioned, With An “Antique” Touch

A month ago my cousin’s first communion took place and I really like how I looked for the event, so this post is just a group of pictures of my make-up, my hair and my dress for the day (allow me to be vain now and then, sorry!). Here they go:




Three selfies showing my make up. I was wearing a very small amount of liquid foundation from the brand “Sleek”, black eye mascara from the brand “Benefit Cosmetics” and a pink lipstick from the brand MAC, known as “Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick” (this is the most make up I have ever worn and I was very excited because I had never used lipstick before, due to fear of looking like a clown. Surprisingly, it went well and I adored how I looked!)





Four pictures of my whole look. I was wearing a cream colour lace dress with cream colour ballerinas, both items bought in TK Maxx. My hair was just my natural afro put upright with a few pins. And I wore a traditional jewelry set made of pearls & metal.



To end the post, I have these two pictures: just me, nature and flowers aesthetics!

Overall, my look was quite vintage, old fashioned, with an “antique” touch. And I loved it.

Showing off a bit,

Emilie H. Featherington