Elegant & Bohemian for a Business Seminar

Last Wednesday I attended a professional business seminar in Shenzhen (China), where I have been working for nearly a month. At first, I didn’t want to dress up, but after being told I had to make a good impression to network with other professionals after the panel discussion, I decided to look a bit smarter than usual. Though it wasn’t in my plans (I hadn’t felt very good about my looks, particularly body, for various weeks), I ended up doing a small photoshoot before the event started. I really liked the results despite my current low self-esteem wave, so here is a fashion & beauty post:

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Glowing & Grunge with Alternative Vibes

Yesterday I went to visit my mum and siblings in London. I always dress up to go to the big metropolitan, so this time it couldn’t be any different! Furthermore, natural hair season has just began for me and the weather was nice. So of course, I had to make a small photoshoot for my look. Hope you enjoy it!

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#tbt Simple, Striking & Smart for an Evening Celebration!

Last summer I went to a summer school in Singapore for a month. To celebrate all of our achievements, there was a farewell dinner at the end of the programme,  which as many others, I attended. I have recently realised I never dedicated a post to my outfit for that evening, yet I loved it. Hence, here it is a throwback post!

My make-up was limited to a red lipstick, ‘Decisive’ from Lush, and eye mascara, ‘They’re Real’ from Benefits cosmetics. At the beginning of that summer I decided to go foundation-less, so I wasn’t wearing anything else. Just those two items.

I decided to leave my hair free and just decorated it with a colourful headband made with Ankara fabric, which I bought as part of a 4-pieces set on Etsy, from an Ugandan seller. On the pictures above you can see the complementary earrings. On the pictures below you will see the other two pieces: a clutch bag and a bracelet.


My main piece of clothing was a black jumpsuit from H&M’s ‘Conscious’ collection. I wore it with a pair of black sandals which were gifted to me long ago by one of my aunts, I don’t know their brand.


Overall, I really loved how I looked, it felt very “me”: basic and elegant, with a colourful touch!


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