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Actions, Death & Tornado

“I did something really bad once and I’m never gonna be the same!”– Seven Pounds (film)
Some actions we carry out in life will never be forgotten. They can be good actions or bad actions; but equally remarkable at the end of the day. However, bad things stay more time in our heads, giving us remorses, And even changing our personality and attitude. And, sometimes, you are never able to go back as you were before.
“I wasn’t lost, or frozen, or gone… I was alive; I was alive in my own perfect world.” -The Lovely Bones (Movie)
I always wondered what is behind death, till I watched this movie. I know it is fiction, but a part of me hopes it is something like this. It makes sense. And you can still live and be happy. Yet, on the other hand, watching the ones who love me suffer because of my death would just kill me again.
“18 people were killed in Jackson that night. 10 white and 8 black. I don’t think God has a color in mind when he sets a tornado loose.” – The Help (film)

No, he doesn’t. Skin colour is just skin colour. Race is a social construction. Racism is an irrational ideology invented to power colonisation and maintain the power of elites. At the end of the day, we are all humans. We all breathe, we all die. Natural disasters don’t understand racial segregation. Neither does God. We are all the same at his eyes.


Embrace Your Body Because

1) As far as I am aware, we all have collar bones and hip bones, so saying “I want hip bones and collar bones” is ridiculous. If we didn’t that those body structures, we wouldn’t be able to be move or keep a straight posture, to start with.

2) If your collar bones and hip bones notice naturally, it is fine, because that is your composition determined by your genes. Same with thigh gap. Some people are naturally thin, or really thin, and they can’t really get fatter even if they eat a lot.

3) Just because you don’t have a thigh gap, or your bones don’t notice, doesn’t mean you are overweight. I repeat, each person’s body composition is different and doctors are who determine if you need to lose weight or not.

4) Starving yourself for a “perfect” body is not the answer, and it can have long term bad effects on your health.

5) If you want to tone up your body, increase your exercise amounts. Depending on which part of the body you want to tone up, there are different workouts which could help, and you don’t need a gym most of the times.

6) Some people are naturally thick. For instance, I don’t eat a lot of bad food, but my metabolism is very slowly, so I accumulate fat easily. I exercise to tackle this. Therefore, not everyone who is thick or fat or overweight is like that due to unhealthy habits.

7) There is not a perfect body shape. You are tall? Good. You are short? Good. You have curves? Good. You don’t have? Good. Your butt is big? Good. Your butt is small? Good. You boobs are big? Good. Your boobs are small? Good. Your legs are thin? Good. Your legs are thick? Good. You have a flat belly? Good. You don’t have a flat belly? Good. You muscles are very marked? Good. Your muscles aren’t very marked? Good. Plain or Curvy. Thin or Thick. Your bones show, your bones don’t show. It doesn’t matters. As humans, we are different, we have different body shapes. 

8) I’m not saying being fat is the best. The problem is people call fat to what it isn’t fat. There is nothing cool in being overweight and there is nothing cool in being underweight. We should all aim for our ideal weight, determined by the doctor. But that doesn’t mean you have the right to call someone “skeleton” or “whale”. You should never! You don’t know the reason why that person is like that, so don’t even.

9) Fat is not an insult. Thin is not an insult. These two things are different body types, and shouldn’t be used to offend someone.

10) If your aim in life is a “sexy body” to get a boy/girl, sorry but you need to evaluate again some of your values, because it doesn’t works like that. You should do things for YOU, not for others! And image attracts, but is personality what makes people fall in love for you.

And 11) As I always say, I will never stop saying, beauty is subjective. Some people find attractive curvy bodies, others plain bodies. Others prefer big butts, others don’t. Don’t worry. You will always be attractive to someone, don’t force yourself to a body shape to impress others. As long as you are healthy, don’t put pressure on yourself to lose weight. It is ok if you want to tone up, I understand. But being underweight is as bad as being overweight. And please, society can shut up. Also remember that you are society, so you may shut up when thinking about insulting others due to their body shape.

Misfits, Kids & Love

“Welcome to the island of the misfit toys.”- The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Movie)
I don’t even know if this can qualify as a quote. To me it is, therefore I don’t care about anything else. «Misfit toys». Good way of defining people who go against society and it’s rules and trends. I’m happy to be between that people. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Forever a bookworm. Forever a geek. Forever a wallflower. I opted to be in this wonderful island.
“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” – The Help (film)
This is one of my favourite moments of the film. I mean, even if you are little, you need someone to tell you positive things about yourself. To cheer you up. To lift your self-esteem. Because sometimes, a lack of these in your childhood can lead to a lack of confidence in your adulthood. Children need to be loved also. If you tell them positive things, they will grow believing truly in that positive things. The power of words is immense.
“It’s so good to love someone so much that it hurts. I don’t know how people survive this. Honestly, I don’t.” –LOL (film)
I have never been in love, so this quote terrifies me. Is Lola correct? I can understand how much hurts loving someone who doesn’t loves you back. But someone who actually loves you back? I imagine that it still hurts, yet I can’t understand why. I may figure it out someday. I don’t know, I’m scared of loving. And of being loved. I don’t think my heart will be able to handle it, suffering is not my thing.

The Importance of Kindness and Emotions [WATCH]

Humans we tend to be selfish and do things only when we get something out of it. Why? Because we always want profit and materialistic rewards. What is the meaning of helping? What is the meaning of giving? What is the point of being good to others? What is the point of lending a hand without receiving anything back? If you have ever asked yourself that questions, please check the following video. If you have never asked yourself that questions, check it too. Your perspective on life might change after it.