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#COP24 & #COY14 in Katowice: Part 2. Katowice

    Decor.   Morning in the city of Katowice.    Evening at the Christmas market in the city. Katowice, Poland (November-December 2018). To learn more about my time in the Central European country, click here. Photos by Emilie F. Yaakaar. All Rights Reserved © 2019

BZU Work Camp in Palestine: Part 3. Lectures, NGOs & Volunteering

One of the main reasons I liked the BZU work camp was that it was not just about sightseeing: it was about understanding the Palestinian situation better. There were aspects of the Israeli occupation you could see (checkpoints, The Wall, destroyed infrastructure) but others required explanation because they weren’t visible enough. When applying to the…

Trip to Calais & Dunkirk: Part 4. ‘Conclusion’

(If you haven’t yet, read the previous posts from this blog series before this one: Part 1. ‘My Decision to Volunteer’: Part 2. ‘Arrival and Working in the Warehouse’: and-working-in-the-warehouse/ Part 3: ‘Working in the Refugee Camps’: My trip to volunteer in Calais and Dunkirk during the 19th and 23rd of March is…