Mind, Health, Vulnerability & Me

When I was a child, I learnt to be many things. Strong was one of them. My life wasn’t easy, and it didn’t get much better as I grew up. I had to develop a thick skin to survive in a country in where people like me weren’t accepted or/and were always singled out, becauseContinue reading “Mind, Health, Vulnerability & Me”


“There is something you need know. And yes, it is about her. She doesn’t want this relationship anymore. She wants to break up with you. The drugs changed her mind. Nothing in her life has improved, but the drugs made her believe something has.

Nationality, Ethnicity, Heritage & Me

2017 is being an intense year for the Western world, marked by the rise of nationalist movements. Anyone with a basic understanding of fascism, xenophobia and white supremacy would have probably seen this coming in the last few years. When politicians across the spectrum use migrants as a basketball ball to score points, when challengingContinue reading “Nationality, Ethnicity, Heritage & Me”

Not Tomorrow, Today

I love taking pictures. If you know me personally, you have probably realised of this. Whenever I go to a new place, I need to carry my camera. Whenever I’m living an epic moment, I need to take out my phone and shoot it. Whenever I’m having great time with someone, I need to takeContinue reading “Not Tomorrow, Today”