Love and Bitterness

“I’m starting to believe I don’t truly love most people in my life. I don’t know. Maybe the problem is that I can’t recognise love.  Most “love” I have received in my life has been a disguise for manipulation and interest. I used to call it “conditional love”, but I have now realise it isn’tContinue reading “Love and Bitterness”

Does It Matter?

In a world that cares about appearance and money the most, what can a poor girl that doesn’t fit into the beauty standards do to be precious and important? Not much. Sometimes she feels pretty, even without make-up. In fact, she prefers her face natural, with her her eyebrows unthreaded and her imperfections visible. SometimesContinue reading “Does It Matter?”

It Is Hard To Live With That Reality

“I often wonder why can’t I be a different person. I don’t like who I am personality wise. I’m an introverted person with complex emotions and high sensibility. I’m very independent and autonomous, leading to anti-social and individualistic behaviour. I don’t trust anyone easily, not even my family, and I can’t fake or hide myContinue reading “It Is Hard To Live With That Reality”

Swimming & Drowning

And I suppose that it always comes a moment in which you don’t feel anymore. You can’t cry anymore because the tears won’t come out. You can’t shout anymore because you lost your voice after all those wasted screams. You can’t rant anymore because all you have to say is nothing new, nothing you haven’tContinue reading “Swimming & Drowning”