Swimming & Drowning

And I suppose that it always comes a moment in which you don’t feel anymore. You can’t cry anymore because the tears won’t come out. You can’t shout anymore because you lost your voice after all those wasted screams. You can’t rant anymore because all you have to say is nothing new, nothing you haven’tContinue reading “Swimming & Drowning”

It’s #WorldBookDay, So Here Are 9 Good Reasons To Read Fiction!

1. To enhance your learning (and gain knowledge on a wide range of  topics, from science to history! Fiction can be reality too!) 2. To educate yourself (and improve your morals and values on aspects of life such as love, relationships and family!) 3. To increase your creativity (and feel inspired to write your ownContinue reading “It’s #WorldBookDay, So Here Are 9 Good Reasons To Read Fiction!”