#COP24 & #COY14 in Katowice: Part 2. Katowice

    Decor.   Morning in the city of Katowice.    Evening at the Christmas market in the city. Katowice, Poland (November-December 2018). To learn more about my time in the Central European country, click here. Photos by Emilie F. Yaakaar. All Rights Reserved © 2019

Song Lyrics: Faith in Fallacy

"VERSE 1 Read more sad endings today I wonder if we will be next All our steps are clumsy We barely evade our prophecy Living day to day That’s so short-sighted they claim Yet, what’s the point in planning Will there ever be a new dawning? The almighty and their pseudo care Shaming what they… Continue reading Song Lyrics: Faith in Fallacy

Poem: The Art of Liberation / The Liberation of Art

"The pain of the past Carved in our hearts The faces we lost In the midst of the chaos History is the pain We evolved from & unchained Yet, we still wonder Can we survive our future Because, time is fragile Doesn't always heal, is not agile At least togetherness remains Like a bright rose… Continue reading Poem: The Art of Liberation / The Liberation of Art

Year Abroad in Rabat Part 5. Tangier & Tarifa

Tangier, 2018 (including pictures of the Hotel Mamora). Tarifa, 2018. Short Travel Diary: Tangier & Tarifa  My second trip, whilst in Morocco, took place in April, and it was a bit longer than the previous one. I left for Tangier from Rabat by bus, and as soon as I arrived on the afternoon, I checked… Continue reading Year Abroad in Rabat Part 5. Tangier & Tarifa

Year Abroad In Rabat Part. 4 Ceuta & Tétouan

Ceuta,  November 2017. Tétouan, November 2017 (including pictures of the hotel Riad Dalia). Short Travel Diary: Ceuta & Tétouan  Whilst living in Morocco, though I didn't travel as much as I could have had, I did spend time in other places aside from Rabat. On November 2017, I went on a trip to Tétouan (Northern Morocco)… Continue reading Year Abroad In Rabat Part. 4 Ceuta & Tétouan