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Song Lyrics: Angel or Devil

“VERSE 1 Being a good girl An expectation out of nowhere Trying to avoid conflict Is mistaken for kindness and goodwill   Silence might seem compliance But it hosts the deepest rancour Waiting to explode like a timebomb Disguised with a smile and a nod   PRE-CHORUS Everyone has their limit Reaching mine has me thinking   CHORUS Angel or Devil Who I wanna be oh Angel or Devil What to be in this world   VERSE 2 Forgiving without apologies Makes me feel so naïve I trade justice for peace Looking for ease that weakens me   Don’t get…

Poem: To Those Who Dare Approach Her

“Please take care of my rose With little to no love She grew from ashes and rotten soil Ready to surmount the world   Please take care of my rose Such a selfless force Always there for you through the worst Her grace is not deserved by most   Please take care of my rose Her unyielding backbone Ought not to be incessantly strong ‘Cause of others’ wicked wrongs   Please take care of my rose Appreciate her lyrical chords Writing that is both candid and soft Unveils the deepest lows from which she arose   Please take care of…

#COP24 & #COY14 in Katowice: Part 2. Katowice

    Decor.   Morning in the city of Katowice.    Evening at the Christmas market in the city. Katowice, Poland (November-December 2018). To learn more about my time in the Central European country, click here. Photos by Emilie F. Yaakaar. All Rights Reserved © 2019