Miley Made My Birthday Present A Birthday Party (My Bangerz Tour Experience)

I’m going to talk about one of the best experiences in my life. Something I have been looking forward to do since 2008/2009. This day last year I attended MY FIRST CONCERT EVER. And it was the concert of one my favourite artists; it was the concert of MY IDOL, MILEY CYRUS. I WENT TOContinue reading “Miley Made My Birthday Present A Birthday Party (My Bangerz Tour Experience)”

Beauty, Pop Culture, Makeup & Eurocentric Standards

Beauty is everything nowadays. Beauty is nature. Beauty is love. Beauty is art. Beauty is intelligence. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is humankind. Beauty is realness. Beauty is music. Beauty is family. Beauty is friendship. Beauty is poetry. Beauty is touch. Beauty is happiness. Beauty is secrecy. Beauty is sexiness. Beauty is rebellion. Beauty is different.Continue reading “Beauty, Pop Culture, Makeup & Eurocentric Standards”

My Six Golden Commands For Prose Writing Beginners

1) Creativity is your key to success. You need a vivid and active mind full of imagination to think of an idea and to develop it. Sometimes, it is not about how well you write a story: it is not about high vocabulary and perfect sentences. Sometimes it is about an attention grabbing plot thatContinue reading “My Six Golden Commands For Prose Writing Beginners”

Accept Stress But Deal With It Too

Every human in the world is likely to suffer stress A LOT of times during their lifespan. And you know what? This is normal. Life is meant to be stressful. If your life is 24/7 peaceful, you are doing something wrong (probably you need to get out of your comfort zone and start living!). AndContinue reading “Accept Stress But Deal With It Too”

Traumas Are Too Complex To Understand And Too Large To Cage

In the psychology and mental health field, traumas are negative events that cause psychological distress. The word “trauma” has Greek origin and it means “injury”. It was firstly used to describe physical wounds, such as a gunshot, but now it also relates to hurtful experiences which affect people’s minds, rather than just their bodies. TraumasContinue reading “Traumas Are Too Complex To Understand And Too Large To Cage”