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Poem: The Art of Liberation / The Liberation of Art

“The pain of the past
Carved in our hearts
The faces we lost
In the midst of the chaos
History is the pain
We evolved from & unchained
Yet, we still wonder
Can we survive our future
Because, time is fragile
Doesn’t always heal, is not agile
At least togetherness remains
Like a bright rose in a dark frame

IMAG2792~2.jpg IMAG1976~2.jpg

Existing in itself
Is resistance through renaissance
Everyday life
Is our self-care, our pride
Emancipation shines bright
Nurtures and protects us
Earth is ours
And we are her flowers
Eco & forever punk
How to save her from the growing funk.”
Inspired by the collages I created (added to this post) during a zine-making session by Brighton’s QTIPOC Narrative, as part of the Decolonial Transformations workshop at Sussex University, November 2018.

Written by Emilie F. Yaakaar.

All Rights Reserved © 2019

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