Poem: In Memoriam

“There is so much I want to say
So much I want to tell
Yet, my cords just fail
And in tears, they fade away

Should have seen it coming
There were actually warnings
Downplayed till the mourning
Already foresee the numbness of homecoming

As, home isn’t the place, sought in vain
Till going insane, finding no terrain
Home is an abstract state, humane
All about people’s love, or its remains

Now the later are in my mind
You adding sweetness to our rough lives
One of few who didn’t leave us behind
Full of proof is my archive

So now, what should I do?
Move on without you?
How? I have no clue
We didn’t even get an adieu

Such a lack of peace
That can’t even cease
Due to the Queen and her caprice
To explain more there is no need

Wish love truly was above all
Even the evils from the underworld
Thus you could know
I cared, I missed you loads

Looking back at our last chat
Must admit it is a nice throwback
Still, was short and it lacked
Cliche, but wish for above that instant

However, I guess this is how it ends
Need to accept, denial just burns
Can’t keep being people’s concerns
Regretting there weren’t full amends

Please, don’t resent me in heaven
I will pray everyday out of the seven
So the intergenerational wounds lessen
May we meet again in El Edén.”

Thinking of my late grandfather, who passed away a couple of weeks ago. DEP Abuelo 🌹❤

Written by Emilie F. Yaakaar.

All Rights Reserved © 2018


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