diaspora /dʌɪˈasp(ə)rə/

“The dispersion or spread of any people from their original homeland.

“Scattered. That’s a good way to describe the people who belong to a diaspora. Different places, different directions. Can be visually pictured as tiny dots all over the globe. Some dots move regularly, others have been still for a while. In some places and at particular times, there is a particular concentration of them in certain areas. The dots come together as a beautiful and diverse mosaic, which is fluid and ever-changing. A variety of languages, cuisines, religions, traditions, attires, and arts interwine, with similarities and differences that can be attributed to the past and the present, both equally convulated. The historical and the contemporary can be so muddled, so complex, that the dots go from philic to phobic very often. Way too often. This instability invokes a lot of projected anger, ongoing frustration and repressed sadness. And, some outsiders might prefer it that way, because divided the diaspora falls and consumes itself like a blackhole. However, united it is ironclad, and even during the most fervent clash, the diaspora knows this inside its heart. Thus, many of the dots are growingly more philic, attempting to celebrate and come together, even in spaces were such concord can be a threat to others. Moments of harmony and collective-love are the goal, during which there is a share of souls from across the world. And, while there is always this ideal, there is never perfection. There is disruption and there is peace, there is sorrow and there is cheer. Difference is as essential to a diaspora as similarity. Both coexist. Sometimes the different directions take to the same places, and the different places lead to the same directions. Because, a diaspora is always scattered, yet akin.”

Photoset and words (except for definition on top) by Emilie F. Yaakaar. Pictures during the Africa Summer Festival 2018, hosted by the Africa Centre in Southwark, London. Full single pictures can be found here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmqypYxJ. All Rights Reserved © 2018


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