Latent at the Cinema

Apathy… Apathy. Apathy is so deadly. It is a phase and component of depression and depressive phases that many people overlook. You don’t feel awful. But, you don’t feel good. You just don’t feel anything. And… I think that’s terrifying. Because when you don’t feel anything, nothing matters. And when nothing matters, you care less. Caring less is always the beginning of the end. You sit down in a cinema room where your depressive daily life is being played, not finding the plot interesting enough to actively engage with the story. You paid for the film, or well, someone else did (probably your parents) and all you can do is watch, not even hoping it will get better, but just waiting till it ends. And when the film ends, you just get up and leave. In an actual cinema playing a fictional story, this doesn’t matter much or at all. You just wasted money and a few hours. However, when it is your life, your actual daily life… It gets real. Because sometimes you don’t simply waste a few hours and a bit of money. You can waste days, weeks, months and even years. You spend so much time latent at the cinema that people start to forget about you, and you begin to forget about what is really living. And by the time the film is over for good, you look around, and find yourself alone and lost. And that just leads to more sorrow and pain.


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