There is something you need know. And yes, it is about her. She doesn’t want this relationship anymore. She wants to break up with you. The drugs changed her mind. Nothing in her life has improved, but the drugs made her believe something has. She doesn’t hate you, and she will be forever grateful of all the good you gave her. Like time for herself. Time to mature. Time for reflection. Time to change. It helped her a lot. Trust me. It was a dark era, but a needed one. Her writing improved, her efforts increased. However, she has had enough. She doesn’t want to live like that anymore. She wants to go out and meet other people. Make other friends. Reconnect with old friends. And, sadly, you are an obstacle. I don’t want to sound harsh, but you need to leave. Not immediately, you can do it gradually. But you can’t stay with her anymore. Don’t be fearful: this break-up isn’t forever and ever. You will be allowed to me come back now and then. She will need you sometimes. At night. After those horrible calls. After someone crosses her patience’s limit. After she realises she needs to calm down and try to be less arrogant. Perhaps, when she stops taking the drugs, she will need you back again completely. Though, I hope she doesn’t. She deserves happiness. You gave her many positive things, still you let the pain inside her grow. The bitterness. The anger. The mistrust. The coldness. You didn’t heal her broken heart. You didn’t heal her broken mind. To be happy, she needs treatments for all these open wounds. I know she didn’t want happiness before. I know you think the drugs are speaking for her. However, nobody deserves to be so sad all the time. Yes, her life hasn’t improved. The pain is still there. It will probably always be there. But she doesn’t have to suffer forever. That’s optional. Give her the chance to choose another option. I believe she won’t disappoint you. And trust me, if she needs you, she will come back to you. This is for the best. It is time to say goodbye, Loneliness. A bitter and sweet goodbye.


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