Poem: History is Today

“Back in school

I was taught about tragedies

Wars, deaths, genocides

The darkest crimes

Which were supposed to be

Things of the past

Never again seemed a true promise

That I have never seen materialised

Apathy has always been

Evilness’s best friend

While action has always been

Goodness’s inseparable pal

Yet, good and evil

Are misleading results of power

Which is used for greatness

That tends to end in restlessness

One of the present cases

Were promises are just words

Is the Holy Land

Also known as Palestine

A forgotten land

A disputed land

A deathly land

Where justice is on demand

Occupation has wrecked the nation

An illicit wall broke community bonds

Spread checkpoints are playgrounds for mortification

Inexplicable arrests cause daily unrest

Racist profiling is okay for the security of Israel

Apartheid is normalised through lies

War crimes don’t matter because all lives no longer matter

And settlements expand in indigenous land

But be aware, Palestine is more than repression

It is a beautiful region sweetened by nature and art

Mother of Abrahamic faiths

Father of the holiest places

Home of delightful culinary arts

Grave of the bravest hearts

Bed of intelligent dreamers with vivid minds

Full of beings like the rest of us

Resistance is the norm

It is a pledge kept by sword

Spread through writing

Maintained alive with turmoil

The right to return

To live and breathe

Is at the heart of a revolution

That can’t remain unaddressed

Liberation is pursued in different ways

Calls for nonviolence and diplomacy

Often silence rather than make change

Giving more power to the oppressor

Determining the way to liberation is not my task

Supporting the struggle is my right

Which I will happily exercise

Till there is a free Palestine”


-Written inspired by my time in Palestine in August 2016. You can read about it here: https://findingmyselfinsideme.com/?s=bzu+work+camp

By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Reserved © 2016


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