Poem: Just a Number II

“You touched the sand with tears in your eyes

Grateful that you made it alive

You gave thanks for the new chance

Faith made you the warrior you are now

You looked around examining your peers

Some faces from the beginning are no longer there

You looked ahead thinking of the future

Leaving your lifejacket on the ground together with your fears

The beach is two-faced

It hosts both funerals and celebrations

The land is inviting

Disguises its dangers with uncertainty

The sky is grey

Has witnessed as much life as death

You walked miles with nothing but hope

Just to settle in a place that resembles hell

You endured storms and threats

Waiting months for a change of heart

You constructed a new community from the scratch

Some months later, half of it was destructed

You protested and sought justice

Threading your voice in an act of defiance

The plants are stunted

Representing life that can no longer grow

The rain is heavy

A mix of with tears and blood

The fire is unpredictable

It comes, erases, hurts and leaves

You showed me your church

Shared your beliefs and sorrows with me

You asked me for socks and shoes

With your innocent young heart that is too demonized

You talked to me about your ambitions

Privilege and injustice never became so palpable

You invited me to your house for tea

Yet I can’t invite you to mine”


-Written inspired by my volunteering experiences in the refugee camps in France (you can read about them here: https://findingmyselfinsideme.com/2016/04/02/trip-to-calais-dunkirk-part-3-working-in-the-refugee-camps/)

Link for “Just A Number” Part 1: https://findingmyselfinsideme.com/2015/08/25/new-poem-just-a-number/

By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Reserved © 2016


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