Poem: Keywords


What was lost

What was stolen

What was hated

What was misinterpreted



The silenced words

The burned scripts

The enslaved souls

The destroyed science



Which aren’t open for you

Which systematically exclude you

Which you still enter

Which you, against the odds, conquer



That upholds supremacies

That reinforces stereotypes

That deconstructs binaries

That frees the oppressed



When fears meet the present

When hate becomes more than mistrust

When hope resurrects the past

When lies can’t be left behind



The ignored formula

The uncomfortable necessity

The sought goal

The ultimate achievement



Who suppressed it and hid from it?

Who found it and suffered because of it?

Who gives it and owns it?

Who practices it and self-applies it?



That breaks oxidised chains

That alters unfair imbalances

That strengthens free minds

That recovers the voice of some



Where traditions were buried with no funeral

Where the dispossessed laid dead, waiting for an uncertain end

Where naive settlers became privileged

Where battles are still being fought for the unknown



The cruelest game

The deadliest desire

The end of the tunnel

The most honourable sacrifice



How it challenges the mainstream

How it contradicts misguided narratives

How it offers alternatives

How it nurtures difference

That makes us less indifferent”


-Written after being inspired by the #DecoloniseSussex week events, particularly the conference on Monday the 11th of April (Decolonizing Education: Towards Academic Freedom In Pluriversality) and the talks & performances by poet Asma Elbadawi and rapper Akala on Wednesday the 13th of April.

By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Reserved © 2016



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