Poem: The Second Closest Place To A Home

“Entering in it

Feels like ascending into heaven

You sense the calmness

And lose yourself in the silence


In a faraway hidden corner

Your next favourite adventures

Await to be unravelled and discovered

Full of characters that will shape

Who you are and how you will change


When you walk between shelves

Beautiful covers compete for your attention

But the unspoken bewitching words

Written on the back of those pieces of art

Are the ones who really scream your name

While captivating your brain

And without doubt, the most relatable words

Always win the game


The place is like a school

Where distant authors are the best teachers,

The best dreamers, the best preachers

They build a bridge

Between the untold and the willingness to know

They even spark creativity in learners

Who then decide to become in charge

Of new anecdotes to share and write


Yet, the best thing about

These wonderful spaces

Is that they tend to be open

To underprivileged faces

Offering free wisdom to those who are shamed

For using services that are important

To educate, empower and don’t remain unnamed


The underprivileged may not keep the book forever

But they retain the essence of what they learned

The warm words that touched their hearts

Remain in their minds till the end of their days


Hours go by

Yet you keep cancelling a goodbye

Outside a storm looms

Outside there aren’t angels

That keep the devil away from your life

You want to stay inside forever

Where you can think of a world

Without misery and with more hope


But then you remember

Everything books taught you

About how to embrace yourself

How to be brave and survive

How to be optimistic while living a lie

How to smile even when you want to cry


Defiant, you stand up and pick your new friend

You ask for permission to take it away

Promising it will be returned

Once it has done its temporary mission

Of making you grow

And of making you feel less alone”


-Written in honour of World Book Day, highlighting the important role of libraries in promoting reading, well-being and helping to create writers like myself,


By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Reserved © 2016


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