Poem: Tales of a Sick Planet

“Dangerous streets

Rough neighbourhoods

Police sirens

Shattered windows

Born in the worst environment

Destined to be shamed by the Establishment


Drugged heroes

Neglected children

Exploited wanderers

Underestimated ladies

These are some of the people excluded by the system

Lost humans that do anything for subsistence


Abusive past

Traumatic wars

Unwanted present

Misunderstood jobs

Always dictating what the marginalised should do

When, about the struggle, you have zero clue


Dark souls

Bitter minds

Sad hearts

Anxious brains

Had little or no control over your life path

Nobody cares till you end up on the wrong side


Wishful thoughts

Unrealistic dreams

Impracticable goals

Gone illusions

You weren’t told life was going to be this bad

Now you spend your days miserable and sad


Repeated insults

Constant shaming

Ignorant critics

Damaged reputation

Trying hard to survive in a world full of beasts

Who then preach about love and peace like fake priests


Broken smiles

Closed eyes

Bleeding ears

Sewed mouths

Desperation is common in unequal nations

Greed is behind this dismal creation


Hard work

Many efforts

Extra study

Top results

You know you have to be ten times superior

Although you will still be treated as inferior


Power relations

Superficial elites

Social structures

Hidden classicists

The rich take advantage of their lineages

While swearing there are no social privileges


Stolen rights

Manufactured lives

Hijacked wellbeing

Undemocratic freedom

Justice never happens with neutrality and silence

And the formula for freedom is not a peaceful science


Ambitious humans

Oppressed protesters

Brave beings

Misrepresented radicals

Liberation movements are disrupting the cruel social order

Led by empowered citizens who just want to heal Earth’s disorder”


-Written about social exclusion, based to some extent on my life experiences.


By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Reserved © 2016




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