Does It Matter?

In a world that cares about appearance and money the most, what can a poor girl that doesn’t fit into the beauty standards do to be precious and important? Not much.

Sometimes she feels pretty, even without make-up. In fact, she prefers her face natural, with her her eyebrows unthreaded and her imperfections visible. Sometimes she looks in the mirror and she likes what she sees: she has learnt to embrace her body. But she knows other don’t. She knows that unless she wears make-up, she won’t look decent for others, and even with make-up, she is still the least good looking person in the room. She shouldn’t care, but she does, because if you are ugly and you don’t look cute or hot, people don’t approach you. She has accepted that the chances of her having a relationship are non-existent now, minimal when she turns 30 or 40. Not only because she isn’t attractive, but also because she is boring.

Most of the time, the poor girl used to think she was ugly, and that thought upset her a lot. But not anymore. And no, she didn’t learn to think she is pretty and that others’ opinions don’t matter. She simply learnt that there are other things she can be: wise, strong, clever, caring, hard-working… Of course you can be all of those and many more, and be pretty at the same time. But, is it bad if you aren’t? Does it matter? Is beauty, a subjective but socially influenced idea, the most important thing in the world?

And what about money? Well, she doesn’t care about money. She never cared. She knows her self-worth can’t be measured by choices she had no control over. She didn’t choose to be born poor. As a matter of fact, she didn’t choose to be born at all. She isn’t happy existing. She isn’t happy struggling for a living and a future. But she keeps going. Not because of a desire to be wealthy one day, but because she believes her life shouldn’t be wasted and she can be productive by helping others and changing the world. She swears she is hopeless, but she is actually full of hope. Her internal strength is something money could never buy. And she is grateful for it.


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