Poem: “Pointless”

“Sat in a corner

Thinking about how the former

Affected the now


Invisible tears

Stream down my face

The sorrow is silent

Still, it makes me ache


A life event

Crosses my mind

Stopping my heartbeat

Distracting me from my tasks


I stare blankly at the wall

While my head travels back in time

Back to the years of being a child

Naïve and bright


A grandfather’s death

A forced eviction

A domestic fight

A mother leaving

A father ignoring

A separation between siblings

A meal in a homeless shelter


All these events and many others

Never seemed as tragic as they were

Pain was barely felt

Yet, wounds inside my heart were made

A heart that now is broken

And can’t be repaired because it is unspoken


They swear

That the past can’t hold you back

That prosperity is possible

With hard work and kind words

And, while social mobility may not be a myth

These concerns are hard to do away with


When you grow up

With no one to love

With no one to trust

With temporal people

That go and might not come back

You learn a lesson

You learn a bad lesson

Don’t keep anyone inside your heart

Don’t care about people way too much

Don’t attach yourself to anyone

Consciously and unconsciously

This lesson is learned

And applied to everyone


So, what now?

How do you fix it?

Can it be fixed?

Can you piece together a mirror smashed into thousands pieces?

Can you pick up the ashes from a fire and make wood again?

Can you gather the salt dropped and dissolved into the sea?

Can you join the fragments from a torn apart family portrait?

Can you revive a bloodless soul?


Hope is great when you are sleeping

Then you wake up and reality is beeping


The truth is, things break

And sometimes the best option

Is throwing them away”

-Written about a personal issue.


By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Registered © 2015











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