Poem: “Just A Number”

“You left all your life in a port

Knowing that your future was unknown

You put all your illusion in that journey

Without caring about the strong surge

You took all your hope with you

Leaving behind relatives and friends

You paid the highest price

Without knowing that everything was going to end in tears

The ocean is cruel

Dreams break like paper across it

The wind is harsh

It doesn’t have pity, nor does it have voice

The sun is exhausting

Sometimes its existence a mere rumour

You looked around

Realising something strange was happening

You grabbed your little kids

Understanding hell was approaching

You prayed to your ancestors

Already used to hearing about those disasters

You cried for your poor soul

Till everything went calm again

The moon is miserable

So pretty but so undesirable

The constellation is misleading

Too much beauty for such a little thing

The temperature is moody

Normal in the middle of the sea

You asked for empathy and compassion

But you found hatred and evasion

You expected them to understand you

They only saw you like a scavenger

You left everything behind to find something better

Yet they rejected you because their privilege didn’t allow them to know better

You abandoned the world trying to escape from the war

Even though they didn’t see it like that and treated your death body like trash”


-Written about the migrant and refugee deaths in the Mediterranean.


By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Registered © 2015


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