Song: Open Letter To Myself (Lyrics)

“You are born
With no consent, you are part of the world

You are one
Giving your first steps in the wild

You are two
Mum and dad are there to hold you

You are three
Beginning of school, education is here

You are four
Learning new words

You are five
Staying at your friend’s house overnight

You are six
First encounter with tedious mathematics

You are seven
Naïve, living like in heaven

You are eight,
Moved away

You are eight
And your heart breaks

Dear little me
Childhood will be the peak
Of the hard life
That awaits for you in the dark

Dear little me
Enjoy those years please
Because they won’t come back
Be innocent and don’t grow up

Dear little me
Take every moment with mummy and daddy
The eternal separation will come soon
And to the pain, you won’t be immune

Dear little me
Love your siblings
Don’t be afraid of acting like them
Cling to that relationship because it will decay

Dear little me
Feel equal to the rest
Be faithful and play
Grow strong to prepare for the mess

You are nine
Adapting to a new house

You are ten
The carers are the only ones there

You are eleven
First book written from start to end

You are twelve
Hospital time, so much stress

You are thirteen
Acting with your friends as a crazy teen

You are fourteen
That room is never clean

You are fifteen
Changes are coming, so unforeseen

You are sixteen
In a new country, trying to fit in the scene

You are sixteen
And your existence you start condemning

Dear young me
Adore being a pre-teen
Embrace your social life
Because in some years, it will all be a lie

Dear young me
Count your blessings
Because they will disappear
No one will protect you from your fears

Dear young me
Stop trying to fit in
They will never accept you
Only if they need you out of the blue

Dear young me
I know mum and dad hurt you
Avoid lying in therapy
Your broken emotions need to heal

Dear young me
Grab your hope tight please
Don’t allow others to decide for you
God, if you only knew

When you turn sixteen
Depression will kick back in
It actually never went
It just hid in your brain

When you turn seventeen
Life will be horrible and mean
You will want to disappear
While holding back many tears

When you turn eighteen
Many friends won’t be here
Family won’t mean anything anymore
Your close circles will be fairly small

When you turn nineteen
You will be done with everything
The loneliness will have killed your trust
And you will feel like mere dust

Dear future me
Hopefully you are still living
Life has treat you well
You managed to escape that hell

Dear future me
I know you will work hard in uni
Your studies will pay off
So will your determination and courage to carry on

Dear future me
Go back to therapy
Look after your wellbeing
Both physically and mentally

Dear future me
Don’t be bitter towards your family
Anger is a poison that kills
Your heart must always BE kind, please

Dear future me
I hope you found yourself
Regained trust from others
And allowed yourself to be loved.”

By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Registered © 2015


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