Song: Blank Canvas (Lyrics)

“Straight hair, golden locks
Flat tummy, pale skin
I spent my whole childhood
Wishing those were my attributes

Tall height, thin face
Flat butt, tiny waist
That’s what I saw in magazines
on runaways and on TVs

Classic clothes, elegant shoes
Expensive make up, nice perfume
I was never feminine
Never followed the classy rule

Popular girls, beauty queens
Ballet experts, admired teens
I knew I wasn’t any of those
And at the age of 14, I lost all hope

I grew up with the complex
Of not fitting in the context
Oh oh I knew I wasn’t pretty
Oh oh poor little me

I wish I could have loved myself
Realise we were all beautiful and different
Oh oh what was wrong with that nation?
Oh oh no space for imperfections

I didn’t understand
I was just a blank canvas
Oh oh someone drew my lines
Oh oh I had no power over my brush

Curly hair, black locks
Tummy rolls, dark skin
I’m still young, but I cherish all
Wishing I was no one else in the world

Average height, chubby face
Big butt, wide waist
I don’t care about magazines
Runaways, or TVs

Ethnic clothes, casual shoes
No make up, less perfume
I will never be feminine
Being classy is not within me

Happy girls, strong queens
Wisdom experts, loved teens
I strive to be all of those
And at the age of 18, I’m full of hope

I kicked away the complex
Because there is no context
Oh oh I know I’m pretty
Oh oh clever young me

I now love myself
I realise we were all beautiful and different
Oh oh so much good in this nation
Oh oh there is space for imperfections

I finally understand
I am just a blank canvas
Oh oh I erased those lines
Oh oh now I have power over my brush

Mama always said
“You are gorgeous, silly girl”
She taught me to embrace myself
Love my curves and be brave

Dad never said
“I reject for not being a princess”
He accepted who I am
No “girly” stereotype

At the end of the day
We are all just blank canvases
That with different colours and shapes
We make this world beautiful and diverse
No stereotypes or standards will ever define us
Beauty is subjective, remember that
Love yourself, pretty girl.”

By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Registered © 2015



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