Poem: Parallel Teenage Lives

“Lights on
The day kicks off
You leave your comfy bed
Moaning about how you can’t wait to go back in there

You take a shower
Smiling between bubbles and hot water
You brush your teeth
And spend minutes moisturizing your skin

You open your wardrobe
And choose some new clothes you have never worn
You can’t repeat outfits
Nor be less trendy neither classy

“Nothing I like here”
You think as you look in the full fridge
“I will buy something at college”
You decide grabbing some pocket money

The weather outside is horrible
You release a sigh as you get in your car
The traffic makes you tired
And to drive, you just don’t feel inspired

Time to go into college
You head to those lessons that make you bored
One year till you are free
And you will be able to go to uni and get a degree

12 hours later
On the same planet
In the same continent
In the same country

The day has ended
You finished your full-time shift that was over-extended
Time to leave your workplace
Your tiredness is reflected on your whole face

The weather outside couldn’t be worse
You walk to the bus stop containing a curse
Waiting for the bus makes you tired
And to walk twenty minutes home afterwards, you just don’t feel inspired

“Not much in here”
You think as you look in the empty fridge
“I will have to wait till tomorrow to eat again”
You can’t spend your money, you have to pay the house rent

You open your wardrobe
And look at all your clothes that are over-worn
Your outfits are full of holes
Or are too small to even be worn

You have a shower
Shivering between the bubbles and icy water
Your brush your teeth
And feel too knackered to moisture your skin

You enter your small bed
Trying to not wake up your young brother, who is also in there
You don’t even have a light to switch off
So it is all darkness till a few hours, when the next day kicks off”

-Written for the “Swing The Vote” campaign, as one of the top 10 issues young people care about the most in UK (Inequality: the gap between the rich and the poor)

By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Registered © 2015


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