Poem: Emma’s 18

“You are so precious
You will never know
If only I could tell you
That you are not alone
Because, even if not in person,
I’m always there
Talking to you
And trying to show I care

Two years have gone past
Since our paths crushed
God bless your Spanish user
And how I asked about it like a loser

Since then we have cried,
Laughed and shared
Our experiences in this world
That is so unfair
Our 16s weren’t sweet
Our 17s lacked rebellion
Our 18s are meant to be everything
Though we no longer have expectations

All I can say
Is that you are one of the best friends
I ever made
That it was a pleasure to grow up with you
During our last years of childhood
Now we have the future ahead
Something that we dread
We are adults with a lack of hope
Which is currently very needed
In this fake world

My advice is
Just close the door to the traitors
All of them are liars
That don’t even need detectors
Whatever, we have each other
Hence fuck the rest, fuck others

So happy birthday my little butterfly
Be faithful and keep being nice
Because one day it will be the time
You will finally be able to lift off
And fly.”

-Written with the motive of the 18th birthday of one of my best friends, Emma.

By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Registered © 2015


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