Accept Stress But Deal With It Too

Every human in the world is likely to suffer stress A LOT of times during their lifespan. And you know what? This is normal. Life is meant to be stressful. If your life is 24/7 peaceful, you are doing something wrong (probably you need to get out of your comfort zone and start living!). And to be honest, I think it is impossible to not suffer from stress now and then, since I think it is an aspect of humanity.

Stress can be caused by different situations, and no one, independently of their age, can escape from it. Babies can be stressed. Children can be stressed. Teens can be stressed. Adults can be stressed. Elders can be stressed. Nevertheless, it is all about how we respond to different stressful/complicated events in our lives. Some people get stressed by exams, some people don’t. Some people get stressed when they have a lot of things to do, some people don’t. Some people get stressed when working under pressure, some people don’t. Some people get stressed when they have to make decisions, some people don’t. And it is fine!

I always try to avoid judging people when they open up to me about their feelings, even if what they told me was insignificant in my simple mind. I can’t count the times my friends told me problems they had and I listened whilst thinking “it is not that bad” or “it is not that serious”. But I never, or rarely, told them that. I always tried to show empathy or sympathy, and then give advice. The human brain is complex and we all react dissimilarly to problems and complications. We can’t control our sensations, so I always try to avoid ridiculing people’s feelings.

Stress levels can affect negatively our emotional development and wellbeing, hence it is better to have these levels as low as possible. A little bit of stress doesn’t hurt, but if we don’t cope with it, it can end up building up, leading to psychological distress and contributing to mental health illnesses.

There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to cope with stress.  When I was child, I thought anything was good as long as it made me feel better. But I was wrong. Some methods are harmful. Personally, I used to overeat a lot every time I felt under emotional and mental pressure during my pre-teen years (mainly junk food), which resulted in me being overweight. Now I regret it a lot, because being overweight isn’t healthy and I’m struggling to lose weight.

Due to all this, it is important to talk about how we can deal with stress in a healthy way. And as I have already talked about myself, it is time I share other people’s opinion. I used, a social network to ask and answer questions, to gather personal conducts through which people cope with stress. And here are my favourite responses:

“Whenever I get really stressed, I try to partake in things which make me happy. This usually includes dumb things like blowing bubbles, tossing balloons around my room, or curling up with a favourite book and a cup of tea.” –Traizler

“If I ever feel like there is stress actually troubling me I just do what I need to do quickly with no breaks and be done with it. Voila stress source killed.” –JoghurtWolf

“Meditation and keeping my life as simple as possible.”-Bashirdz

“I don’t let it get in the way of accomplishing things (moping can wait ’til later) and I don’t wallow… bmuch. It goes away sooner or later anyway.” -MechWarriorNY

“Working out for me 100%. When I workout nothing else matters, it’s me and the weight. There’s no drama or stress. It’s just so therapeutic, it has changed my life for the better.”-josh851

“Listening to music helps but the absolute best is writing my frustrating down on paper, usually in the form of a poem. And I always remember, no matter how stressed I am, there is always someone who has it worse.” –Vegito11

“I pray then I watch YouTube tutorials for a while.” –shyronnie18

“You don’t need to put me in said blog. But, I know personally, I usually use music to help me get through things. It also helps me work harder, until I can’t really work anymore. Also, much like today (because people suck in general) I’m watching youtube videos from subscriptions, and I just finished playing my ps3. So…’s one of those three things (with me) Video games, music, or Youtube. However, when elsewhere in a place where it may not be permitted to listen to music. One is kinda screwed. So, more or less one needs to like take a small count to ten, breathe, and keep it moving.” –herkule

“Venting to my friends.” –CourtneySayHi

So yeah: the possibilities to combat stress are endless. Some of them are free, such as praying. Some of them are artistic, such as writing poems. Some of them are active, such as working out. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as it helps and it is healthy. And remember that feeling stressed is normal! Understand when others feel stressed, and accept when you feel stressed. Life is boring without complications.


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