POEM: Love In Times of Melancholy

“I never saw it coming

I guess I would have liked a warning

Now my heart is burning

Now my desire is returning

Those deep eyes

haunt me every night

That devilish smile

makes me wanna die

When you laugh

I can barely supress a gasp

When you talk

I am barely more than a rock

Never believed in art

Till I saw your skin tanned by the dark

And the finest melodies weren’t for my ears

Till your laugh took away the sorrow of years

Naïve me thought

this would be just a fling

Naïve me believed

you would be gone by spring

Naïve me said

I can cope with hell

Naïve me knew less

about attraction’s nets

And everything was under control

till we submerged ourselves in nature’s world

And my feelings’ fate was sentenced

when my vibrant soul couldn’t stay silenced

Cruel game

the one destiny played

having my longest crush

when I still need several airbrush

I’m the moon

with the spirit of a monsoon

but I’m not enough

to overshadow the sun

or any other stars

that may be in your eyes

Hopeless wouldn’t even define

how I feel about us

at least dreaming is free

and nobody can stop me from doing it.”

Written in February 2015.

By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Registered © 2015


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