#10 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer

Volunteering is an activity in which not everyone engages but everyone should do. And here is why:

1) It is rewarding and inspiring: you help others selflessly and you feel good about what you do, because you receive positive feedback about your actions in most cases.

2) It makes you involved within society: when you volunteer, you are part of a network of people that collaborate towards the improvement of their community.

3) It helps to maintain a good mental health: volunteering boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem because it gives you a sense of purpose; it makes you realise you are important and you are full of potential.

4) It expands your social circles: while volunteering, you meet a lot of new people, including possible friends for life.

5) It offers you the possibility of living new experiences: thanks to volunteering you can try different activities you have never done before, and you will live different stories every day.

6) It increases your skills in a wide range of areas: leadership, communication, writing, numeracy, project management, evaluation, customer care… Depending on your role, you will develop different skills while adding knowledge to your brain.

7) It enhances your job prospects: while having good grades is deemed as imperative to get  a job nowadays, volunteering involves practical learning, and employers don’t overlook it. In fact, volunteering is golden and it will make you stand out of the crow, because most people fulfill the academic standards for jobs, but not everyone has practical experience and not everyone volunteers.

8) It makes you active: volunteering is  a good way of being active and preventing disengagement from society due to reasons such as unemployment, age, illness… And being active helps to have a healthier lifestyle in order to have a longer life span.

9) It is fun and it keeps you busy but relaxed: sometimes it is imperative to break out from the routine and do something without the pressure of “getting paid” or “getting good grades”. Volunteering is a entertaining way of doing this. You can choose in where to volunteer and how, and if you are passionate about your role, you will have a great time carrying it out without worrying about money and exams.

And lastly,

10) It is about supporting social/environmental causes: in most cases, you will volunteer for a charity that works towards a specific goal, such as raising awareness about mental health, providing aid for people suffering from violent conflicts, working towards the end of modern slavery… You can choose what cause to support, and in that way, you will make a difference.


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