Why Do I Love Bones So Much?

My favourite TV-series is Bones. I imagine most of you know this series. Maybe not from watching it, but from hearing or/and reading about it. Bones is an American comedy-drama that narrates the adventures of an FBI team and a forensic laboratory team to solve crimes.

The series started in 2005, and I started watching and following it in 2011. However, as soon as I discovered my interest in this series, I caught up on previous seasons. I can proudly say I have watched every Bones episode, from season 1, to season 9. And unlike with other TV-series I have tried to follow, I haven’t got tired in any moment. I can’t miss an episode; I’m addicted to Bones. That’s I can probably be called a boneshead (Bones’ hardcore fans name).

The main characters of the series are Temperance Brennan, who is a renowned forensic anthropologist and writer, and Selly Booth, an FBI agent who used to be a soldier from the USA army. In every episode, other characters also appear: Angela (Brennan’s best friend, who works in the forensic laboratory as an ITC operative), Sweets (Booth’s best workmate, who is a psychologist from the FBI), Cam (manager and supervisor of the forensic laboratory), and Hodgins (owner of the forensic laboratory, who is in charge of entomology issues). If I had to choose a favourite character, without doubt it would be Brennan. Despite being a fictional character, I admire her. Don’t worry, I adore the rest of characters also.

It is difficult to explain why l love Bones so much. There are various different reasons.

For instance, the realistic portrayal of the work carried out in a forensic laboratory is too good to ignore. It is obviously a fiction series, and it clearly can’t be filled with loads of forensic and scientific details, because people would lose interest quickly.

However, some facts that appear on the series are not fiction. Bones is inspired on the life and novels of the author Kathy Reichs, who is a forensic anthropologist and writer. Reichs is one of the producers of the TV-series, and she is there to make sure the scientific element of the series is kept as real as impossible.

Watching the show, I have learned so much wording and information related to forensic s and anthropology, you can’t imagine. Sometimes, I even look up if what I learnt is true or false, and in most cases, it turns out it is true!

Furthermore, the characters are very unique and original, making the series certainly different to other police/forensic/detective dramas.

Brennan is a realistic and objective character, highly logical, socially awkward, and not sensible at all. People can call her rude and cold hearted, but I think she is just an honest human being who struggles to believe things she has no evidence for or/and she can’t sense.

Booth is a sensitive and faithful character, who guides himself by his instinct more than by his brain. He carries a quite traumatic past, still that hasn’t stopped him for having dreams such as marrying the woman of his dreams.

The rest of characters are also quite diverse: Angela is a bohemian dreamer, Cam is a strict and determined woman, Sweets is a tender and perceptive man, while Hodgins is a weird childish scientific.  If you mix all these personalities, an interesting plot can be assured for every episode. In addition, the development each character has over seasons is very noticeable. None of them actually stay exactly the same forever, which guarantees the biggest plots twists you could imagine.

It is important I mention the fact that the main female character, Brennan, is not the stereotypical woman who is weak and oversensitive, who wants to be in a relationship and have kids, and who aspires to marriage. In addition, the romantic relationship she has with Booth is not the common one you find in Hollywood movies and series. He is the sensible and caring part, while she is the independent and rational part. You can only find a few stereotypes in this TV-series, which makes me happy, since I hate them.

Additionally, the mixture between drama and comedy is very good balanced. Not every episode is totally serious and tragic, and not every episode is totally sugar-coated and hilarious. There is even space to other topics such as friends, family, religion, culture, love, past etc. I love how different life subjects are touched in a sensible but intense manner. This allows various subplots, and not just one big plot. In this way, every time a subplot gets solved, another one appears, hooking you up again immediately.

On conclusion, it is hard for me to explain why I’m a boneshead. If someone asked me why I love Bones so much, I would probably say: the science behinds it fascinates, the characters are exceptional, and the plots and subplots are fresh to my mind. I recommend you all to give a try to this TV-series! If you love mystery, thriller, comedy, and love, I can ensure you won’t regret it!

Sharing my likes,

Emilie H. Featherington 🙂


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