Poem: Love for a Mother

“Sometimes on top
Others on the bottom
Always with head high
And a smile you can’t hide

Life is not effortless
And you taught me that with cleverness
Battles must not be left
And with courage you showed me
To not be oppressed

Though bad humour filled you sometimes
Though money scarce from our hands
You never allowed mess
To cause us an awful distress

And that’s why I give you thanks
And because you took us out of that craziness

No one will ever understand
What we overpassed
Between teardrops and laughs
We moved on from the past

And I will never criticise
because I suppose, one day
everything I will grasp
Even if I’m not willing to open the cage of time

And that day my heart will be free of rancor
and full of love
Love for a mother
that despite the mistakes she made
she taught me to have
a charitable good heart”

By Emilie H. Featherington

All Rights Registered © 2014


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